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The Aztec Theater

Sitting proudly on Main Street in downtown Albany, a tiny town with much spirit and boundless determination, the restored Aztec is a brick and mortar monument to what can be accomplished by even the smallest community–especially one that is not content to part with the past. For as they say in Albany, “the last show hasn’t played here yet”.


Concerts of well known artists and local singers


Local talent and performances of well known plays


Weddings, concerts, showers, private parties, reunions and a variety of other activities

About Us

The Aztec Theater is a cultural gem in the city of Albany, Texas with a long history of entertaining townspeople and visitors alike. Constructed in 1927 as a theater for western movies, it quickly became a community hub that has been a cherished part of Albany’s heritage ever since.

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141 South Main
Albany, Texas 76430

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